Work Together Wednesday

“Work Together Wednesday”

It means something different this year, doesn’t it?

I’ve never been more acutely aware of our need to provide a united front, to advocate for our industry, and to support one another. The pandemic crisis brought to the surface what we’ve always known to be true: child care is essential, yet is painfully undervalued and often overlooked.

I have also never been more proud. I see you advocating, asking questions, and tirelessly researching for the most up-to-date guidance… all while searching for supplies, supporting teachers, and loving children.

This work is never easy and that’s never been more obvious; managing your fragile business, while trying to lead with optimism and grace, is no easy task.


I have a million more thoughts, and even more questions, but even in this uncertain time, I am sure of one thing: we really are better together.

Thank you for bringing new meaning to this whole “week of the young child” initiative, adding a new level of appreciation for Work Together Wednesday.

Thank you, for everything. ❤️

— Christina Fecio, Educational Consultant

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