Weekly Round-Up (May 22)

You did it! Another week of managing multiple changes and leading through uncertainty is successfully complete. Kudos to you for your efforts — and here’s hoping that the long weekend is full of relaxing, joyful moments.

As always, DAL is committing to helping you stay connected and informed. Here’s this week’s round up of useful resources and helpful hints:

  • CDC Updates: Pages 40-44 of this document include the CDC’s specific guidance for child care settings.
  • Child Care Chats: In this episode, Christina has an opportunity to catch up with Kim Puma (Infant Toddler Network). Kim shares insight about self care and infant toddler mental health.
  • CCRN Updates: You can access CCRN’s weekly newsletter, focused on supply delivery and training opportunities, here.
  • Toolbox Talks: If you’re interested in learning more about the ways that children may be using play to help them understand the world, you’ll love hearing Alison’s discussion of pandemic play.
  • Advocacy: On May 27, InspireCare360 is hosting a free webinar focused on creating a unified ECE voice. Learn more here.
  • Crisis Management: On May 28, Kangarootime is hosting another free webinar focused on learning from this crisis. This session features author, humorist, and ECE administrator, Vernon Mason.

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