Quick Tip: Make a Short List

When you have a loooooooong to-do list that is interrupted by bathroom breaks, phone calls, and other things that reliably pop up, it’s easy to be busy all day long and still wrap up the day feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything.

A short list can help you stay focused and productive — and it’s as easy as it sounds. At the beginning of each day, make a short list of your top priorities; the short list becomes your to-do list…and it’s magical because it’s manageable!

Need a specific strategy? Try the 1-3-5 rule, explained in this article; 1 big thing + 3 medium things + 5 small things = a super satisfying to-do list!

Many thanks to Jessica Tollar for sharing today’s Quick Tip. A valued member of the DAL advisory committee, Jessica is the Director of Early Childhood Development and Curriculum for Care-a-Lot Child Care Centers and Bloom Creative Arts.