Leadership Breakfasts are Back!

After several months on pause, the Leadership Breakfast Series is back! We will be meeting via Zoom for now, but hope to resume in-person gatherings in 2021. 🍁 Check out the details for November by clicking here. 🍂 Check out the FAQ by clicking here. Even virtually, every session promises to be such a positive […]

March Breakfast Series Postponed

We understand that managing your program’s response to COVID-19 concerns requires your undivided attention. With conditions changing daily (or even hourly) and families and staff members who may be feeling panicked, your team surely needs you to be onsite. With that in mind, we are opting to postpone the Leadership Breakfast Series scheduled for March […]

Quick Tips: Managing Clearances

Directors in WNY have shared questions regarding the recent regulatory changes. Our first tip, of course, is to suggest open, honest communication with your licensor — don’t be afraid to call him/her with your questions. Separately, we’d like to suggest checking out this informational video from OCFS, if you haven’t seen it yet: Comprehensive Background […]

Quick Tip: Connect with Every Team Member, Every Day

Engaging in warm, positive, 1:1 daily interactions with children is recommended as a key strategy for building relationships with young children — but did you know it’s equally essential for adults? Whether you’re commenting on something that you observed (“Hey, I appreciated that engagement you had with Dion”) or offering a simple, sincere “thank you” […]

Quick Tip: Think Positively!

In a world where we’re bombarded with negative information — social media, news, advertisements, and more — it can help your mindset (and your productivity) to focus on the positive. Consider posting a few positive, inspirational quotes around your office and in shared spaces. Whether you jot them on sticky notes or create a fancy […]

Quick Tip: Don’t Skimp on Onboarding

When you have ratios that need to be met and a task list that seems to get longer each day, it can be tempting to take some shortcuts with new employees’ orientation. Today’s pro tip? Don’t skimp! The time (and effort) that you put into orientation has a direct impact on employee retention. …and if […]

Quick Tip: Take a Break (Everyday)

Even on the days that it seems impossible — actually, especially on those days — take a break. Ideally, take an actual lunch break (check out 7 great reasons why here) but at minimum, take a few minutes to walk outside.  The act of physically exiting the building and breathing fresh air can be the […]