Quick Tips: Managing Clearances

Directors in WNY have shared questions regarding the recent regulatory changes. Our first tip, of course, is to suggest open, honest communication with your licensor — don’t be afraid to call him/her with your questions.

Separately, we’d like to suggest checking out this informational video from OCFS, if you haven’t seen it yet:

Comprehensive Background Checks (15 minutes)

Last but not least, check out this summary created by Cheri and consider posting it in your office for easy reference.

If you need a visual cue, this “what to fax to your licensor” pic from Jessica might be helpful to you, too.

PS: Cheri and Jessica, both members of the DAL advisory committee, are open to your calls or emails if you want to chat about how they are managing these changes at their centers.

  • Email Cheri at nowickic (at) skiesthelimitllc (dot) com
  • Email Jessica at jessica (at) bloomcreativearts (dot) com