Leadership Breakfasts are Back!

After several months on pause, the Leadership Breakfast Series is back! We will be meeting via Zoom for now, but hope to resume in-person gatherings in 2021. 🍁 Check out the details for November by clicking here. 🍂 Check out the FAQ by clicking here. Even virtually, every session promises to be such a positive […]

Quick Tip: Take a Break (Everyday)

Even on the days that it seems impossible — actually, especially on those days — take a break. Ideally, take an actual lunch break (check out 7 great reasons why here) but at minimum, take a few minutes to walk outside.  The act of physically exiting the building and breathing fresh air can be the […]

Quick Tip: Let Go of What You Can’t Control

Talking about self-care sometimes conjures up images of bubble baths or a fancy latte, but at its heart, it’s really just a reminder to give deliberate time and attention to your own well-being. As the saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”One solid self-care strategy is to lighten your “mental load” by letting […]