Work Together Wednesday

“Work Together Wednesday” It means something different this year, doesn’t it? I’ve never been more acutely aware of our need to provide a united front, to advocate for our industry, and to support one another. The pandemic crisis brought to the surface what we’ve always known to be true: child care is essential, yet is […]

Quick Tip: Think Positively!

In a world where we’re bombarded with negative information — social media, news, advertisements, and more — it can help your mindset (and your productivity) to focus on the positive. Consider posting a few positive, inspirational quotes around your office and in shared spaces. Whether you jot them on sticky notes or create a fancy […]

Quick Tip: Don’t Skimp on Onboarding

When you have ratios that need to be met and a task list that seems to get longer each day, it can be tempting to take some shortcuts with new employees’ orientation. Today’s pro tip? Don’t skimp! The time (and effort) that you put into orientation has a direct impact on employee retention. …and if […]

Quick Tip: Take a Break (Everyday)

Even on the days that it seems impossible — actually, especially on those days — take a break. Ideally, take an actual lunch break (check out 7 great reasons why here) but at minimum, take a few minutes to walk outside.  The act of physically exiting the building and breathing fresh air can be the […]

Quick Tip: Show Families Some Love

Juggling backpacks, diaper bags, traffic, and a busy work schedule means that the morning routine can be hectic and overwhelming for parents — especially during transition times like the back-to-school season.  One easy way to show families some love during the morning drop off is to place an unexpected treat at your front desk. A […]

Quick Tip: Let Go of What You Can’t Control

Talking about self-care sometimes conjures up images of bubble baths or a fancy latte, but at its heart, it’s really just a reminder to give deliberate time and attention to your own well-being. As the saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”One solid self-care strategy is to lighten your “mental load” by letting […]